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Tο μοναδικο Apple Watch Series 8 Milanese Gold Strap

Υπερπολυτελεια μαζί με την τεχνολογική υπεροχή του Apple Watch Series 8


Κάντε δικό σας πρώτοι το μοναδικό Apple Watch S 8 Milanese!


What you get: 

  • Cellular keeps you connected, even without your iPhone nearby
  • Stream or sync your music, podcasts and audiobooks
  • Set up an Apple Watch for each family member and manage them right from your iPhone with Family Setup
  • The temperature sensor makes retrospective ovulation estimates and offers advanced features for the cycle log.
  • Measure the oxygen level in your blood with a powerful sensor and app
  • Take an EKG anytime, anywhere
  • Receive notifications of high and low heart rate and irregular heart rhythm

Apple Watch Series 8 GPS + 5G, Gold Milanese Strap

1.180,00 €Τιμή
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